I had to provide remote support for a German-speaking guy. He had his workstation keyboard layout set to German and it was very difficult for me to type even simple commands, like cd c:\

I’ve asked him to add and activate the English keyboard layout, and he did so. But he also forgot he did 😀

Later that day, he contacts me on Skype. Just look at the conversation; my laughs were heard in the entire building that evening 😀

[5:51:50 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: zou need the ip adress of the wan interface of the adsl router
[5:51:55 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: wait i get it
[5:53:02 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: {IP address here}
[5:53:10 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: port {port number here}
[5:53:32 PM] Dan Vasilov: it asks me for a password
[5:53:38 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: {password here}
[5:53:53 PM] Dan Vasilov: I can see your screen
[5:53:54 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: great
[5:54:01 PM] Dan Vasilov: this one should work fine
[5:54:06 PM] Dan Vasilov: Thanks ! :)
[5:54:13 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: can u control the desktop
[5:54:26 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: yes u can
[5:54:33 PM] Dan Vasilov: Yes, I can
[5:54:47 PM] Dan Vasilov: let me save the connection
[5:54:50 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: some one has change the kezboard lazout
[5:54:55 PM] Dan Vasilov: do you have a fixed IP address?
[5:55:09 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: i cant do smilezs
[5:55:17 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: no
[5:55:20 PM] Dan Vasilov: change your kbd back to german language
[5:55:24 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: its dhcp from isp
[5:55:37 PM] Dan Vasilov: it's English now - that's why you type z instead of y
[5:55:48 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: so i have to give zou first the actually ip adress
[5:56:06 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: but this is no problem
[5:56:06 PM] Dan Vasilov: that's even better for you as a security measure
[5:56:32 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: ok thx for the test
[5:57:16 PM] Dan Vasilov: no problem
[5:57:16 PM] Dan Vasilov: bye
[5:57:20 PM] {Customer Skype ID}: bze