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Creating Services (20%)

Create service and operation contracts

Request reply

Create data contracts

Manage known types
DataContractSerializer, DataContract and classes inheritance
Control data serialization

Create and configure a Routing service

This objective may include but is not limited to: filters, static and dynamic, context-based routing, content-based routing; router interfaces
Core WCF Routing

Create and configure a Discovery service

Core Discovery API

Hosting and Configuring Services (18%)

Create and configure endpoints

Default and standard bindings

Consuming Services (18%)

Create a service proxy

Using a proxy class or channel factory to create a proxy

Securing Services (17%)

Configure secure bindings

Transport, message, mixed mode

Managing the Service Instance Life Cycle (13%)

Manage services instances

Per call

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Distributed Systems(14%)

Configure message logging

Configure a message listener