Well, last Saturday evening I was at home, quite fresh (I’ll tell you how can a man be fresh on a Saturday evening in a different post soon) and we were quite curious about Eurovision 2012. May I confess: although I’ve lived almost my entire life in Europe, I’ve never watched this show; last Saturday was my very first time. Now all articles on the Net were considering the Romanian band Mandinga to be one of the favorites, so we’ve decided not to watch Columbo and some other good, old-fashioned TV series, and to watch Eurovision 2012 instead.

Boy, am I still upset now!

Do not worry, it’s not because the Romanian band lost big time. No, they did well. What has really upset me was the fact that Spain lost. The Spanish lady really deserved the prize: she had nice presentation (long gown, nice colors, and classical hair style), great voice, great melody and a very good advantage in the fact she’s sung in Spanish.

Another fact that really upset me was the voting system. Let me quote: “we’ve given 12 points to our good neighbor …”. So Estonia gave points to Russia (out of fear the Russians will once again send some tanks over them if not voting), Belarus to Russia, Greece to Cyprus, Macedonia to Greece, Romania to Moldova and Moldova to Romania and so on.