I’ve realized I have to write about this while blogging about Eurovision 2012. I had two reasons to watch Eurovision 2012:
1. I was at home and I was fresh (as in ‘not so tired that I’ll fell asleep with a glass of red wine in my hand, my dog in my lap, my cat on my shoulder and my significant other as close as possible in such conditions’)
2. I was extremely curios about Eurovision, as I’ve never watched the show before.
For number 2, I am open to questions: how can a man that lived almost his entire life in Europe not watch Eurovision? I’ll try to explain this.
For number 1, here is the long (and I hope, the amusing )story.

We wanted for a long time to install new curtains for our windows. We’ve put spaghetti curtains in two places so far and they are lovely: any small room will look larger with such curtains.
For Saturday we’ve planned to install spaghetti curtains in living, where we have large windows. The curtains would have to be mounted on the ceiling with concrete screws. It was supposed to be quite exhausting, as 9 screws are required, and the ceiling is made of concrete; each drilled hole must be 8 mm in diameter and at least 7 cm long; to drill the concrete one needs a special power tool. Also, when drilling, the drills quickly become dull, a lot of dust is created and the breathing mask must be replaced often. During the week I’ve used all possibilities I had to rest, to be sure I’ll have all needed energy for the Saturday.
Good, here comes Saturday morning with my standard routine: wake up, quick bathroom visit, make coffee, shave, long bathroom visit, dog walking. And I’m ready for the big challenge!
Then the truth stroke both of us (myself and my significant other): there’s a better solution, requiring 6 mm holes, 4 cm deep. And only 5 holes are needed!
So we’ve discussed a little and we’ve decided to wait for two weeks, until we’re sure what solution we want to implement. The first one allows more space for the living, while the second one shrinks the living perceived size, but it allows much more light to our plants.