This happened a week ago, but only today I’ve realized I have to write it down. Quite usual for me, I’d say, it always takes a while for me to become conscious of the way I really feel.
Here’s the story.
I was waiting at a traffic light. The traffic light changed to green and, two seconds later, two girls started to cross the street in front of my car; it was already red for them, but it seems there are some rules a woman’s mind cannot grasp (like ‘if your traffic light is red, do not cross the street’). So I had to wait at least 10 seconds until they’ve crossed the street. It felt funny at that moment (like ‘yet another pedestrian without a driver license’ or ‘it’s so hot today, nobody remembers the street crossing rules’), a few moments later it felt really different.
I was the first car in line at the traffic light; I entered the intersection, only to be forced to break hard by a dumb driver entering the same intersection from my left; he had a red light and he had it for at least 10 seconds, as I’ve already mentioned!
Nothing happened at that moment, the guy went on his way and I arrived at the office calmer than usual (I’m always the god of calmness after being extremely close to some kind of an accident, be it on the street or some earthquake or some big guy running at me in the dark).
Now, my mind is forcing me to recall the entire event and my legs are a little shaky. Just imagine I was entering the intersection as soon as the traffic light became green; the other driver would hit my car hard, very likely in the driver’s area.
So I think I’m not exagerating the title: I’ve tricked death with a little help from two girls crossing the street on a red light. Maybe my cat loaned me one of its lives 🙂

Some colleagues in the company said I should find the girls and invite them to dinner, just to thank them. Good idea, I guess I’ll post an announcement in the plazza: “If you crossed the street xyz on a red light, in front of a red car, and the driver looked a little dissapointed at you, please contact me at …. I want to tell you how you’ve saved my life and also thank you for this!” Sounds like a new chapter in the “Pick-up sentences for dummies”

Deep inside I know who’s responsible for this happy ending. This gives me some good warm feelings inside and a good, large smile on my face. If you’re reading this, I hope you understand what I mean.