Long story short: I’ve just received some odd news from Microsoft support: YM! and Live Messenger can no longer inter-operate. It is not known whether a bridge YM! – Skype will be implemented.

Long story: a few weeks ago I’ve read about Skype being scheduled to replace Live Messenger soon. I’ve logged on to Skype using my Live ID, I’ve imported my contacts and I’ve happily tried to send a message to my significant other. No answer came back, so I’ve run a troubleshooting sequence.

In the end, I was sure Skype is only displaying my Live and YM! contacts, but not communicating with them, so I’ve posted a question on a Microsoft forum.

In the end, Microsoft told me that bad news I’ve already mentioned. Now, there’s bad news for me: while working with MS support I’ve realized I only have TWO! Live contacts, all other contacts were YM! contacts. The main reason for using Live Messenger was that I needed a Live ID for all kind of operations (our company is a Microsoft shop and I manage the partnership with them, I am also MCP and I need a Live ID to manage my MCP account, I need a Live ID to access data on SkyDrive, I need a LiveID to access MSDN benefits and so on). Now, my significant other has pressed me a lot to use YM!, but until now I had no reason to create yet another id on the web. That’s no longer true, and if the Live/YM! bridge that I use now from the Live web site will no longer work, I’ll have either to implement a custom messenger only for the two of us, either have that YAWID (yet another web id) and that YAAOMP (Yet Another Application to Install on My PC).

I’ll go for implementing the custom messenger 🙂