Last night was a really frosty night. Yesterday evening an acquaintance was not able to open his car: some parts in the doors have frozen and he had to “convince” one door to open.

When seeing this, I quickly went to my car and checked the doors: they opened fine.

However, mister Frost still had one surprise for me this morning: I’ve opened the car, I’ve started the engine without problems and started to wait for the engine to warm up (I always do this in winter, especially since I’ve had a nasty oil-related issue).

While waiting, I’ve started to clean the ice from the windows, as they were totally opaque. Surprise: nothing to clean on the outside of the windows! All ice was on the INSIDE of the windows!

The cleanser I had was almost useless on the inside of the windows, as the car windows are curved to the outside, and I had to improvise a way to remove at least half of the ice, so I could drive safely. Do not ask what I did, the point is this evening, when I’ll warm the engine for the night, I’ll also make sure the car is properly aired.