And now, we can show the customer how good developers we are!
It works!
The software worked all right, one of the doctors in charge in the lab congratulated us and told lady M. they’ll buy one Sakura printer and they’ll also purchase the slides and the other accessories from Sysmex Switzerland.
Lady M. was happy: she has finally closed the deal, getting a beach head both in that particular lab and in the Sakura business.
Unfortunately the head of the lab had a few questions and a few ideas and we left that lab too late to be able to visit another customer, with a similar project. So we’ve returned to Zürich, now knowing I’d be able to visit the town and enjoy all good aspects of the trip.
I’ve checked in again at the Best Western hotel and got another room, again small but lovely. I really liked the the windows: two walls were fully windowed from around 1.2 m to the ceiling, giving an extremely good view.
So I snacked something, I’ve made myself some good chamomile tea and worked on some project I had waiting in the line.
Around 6 PM lady M. got me by car and we drove downtown. Funny thing, we got stuck in traffic, even there are some really wide highways. There was no rush and lady M’s car is on automatic, so we actually took the time to discuss some other stuff. She told me a few things about Zürich history and buildings and in the end we’ve arrived to a good parking spot.
I wanted to do some shopping first. Funny: all clothes stores offer only clothes made in Turkey! So I’ve tried as hard as possible to lookup something really good and nice and in the end got two tops for my significant other, that were on sale.
Zürich downtown is nice and cozy and one can take a good stroll visiting the old buildings, the queues of the river Limmat and the lake Zürich.
The town hosts the clock with the largest face in Europe: it’s 8.7 m in diameter! At that moment it didn’t look that large, I thought it should be around 1.7 m…
We’ve closed the evening by having good dinner in a restaurant with indians waiters speaking bad English (go figure!), a few glasses of wine and talking about cats (lady M. had a few lovely cats, too bad they died).
And back to the hotel, getting ready to come home! Well, my health estate kicked in: I’ve got a terrible headache and I was not able to sleep. The movies over the Internet and the movies on TV kept me busy for a while, but not too much. Boy, was I happy when the time to leave for the airport came!
I made sure I’ve packed everything, including all receipts and jumped in the hotel shuttle. It was cold and I was feeling really sick, without energy and unable to control my body’s temperature. As a side note, that’s why I avoid traveling and that’s why I miss a certain set of business opportunities. Maybe one day …
In the airport all my smartness systems shut down: I had to ask a lady to help me with the check in at one of the self check-in machines.
Then a long wait came until the passengers started to embark in the aircraft. My smartness systems were still down: somewhere in my mind I was thinking I have to go to gate E96, while the actual gate was E97. So when people started to embark for my flight, I was still in hibernate mode. As usual, somewhere in my mind a good thought kicked in, I’ve checked my ticket, I’ve checked the screens at the gate, I’ve jumped through the gate and here I am: at the tail of the plane!
The lady helping me with the check-in had a really good idea: she got me a window seat, and there was an empty seat between myself and the other passenger on that seats row. So I’ve wrapped myself in my winter coat and curled as much as possible, trying to get some sleep.
Boy, was I not expecting what was to come for me!
The aircraft took off nicely and we’ve moved over the Alps. And here comes my biggest surprise ever: I’m not immune to airplane sickness! The aircraft met turbulence and it started to shake like it was about to go down any minute, and the content of my stomach (thank goodness, only a coffee and a cereal bar) decided to knock at the wrong door of my stomach. I’ve kept the sickness bag in one hand for about 20 minutes, until everything settled down. Good, my stomach decided it was able to keep everything inside, so the bag was not needed, but I was feeling really sick nonetheless.
Things improved a bit once we’ve arrived in Vienna, but my smartness systems were still down! The ticket said my connection was at 10:30, my mobile was showing 09:10 and the computer in my mind kept transforming the Zürich time into EET and reporting “you have 20 minutes to get into that flight!”. So I’ve rushed through the airport, through the security checks, only to stare at an oddly empty boarding area … with a watch saying “09:20” (if you do not know already, Zürich and Vienna are both CET; myself, I’ve learned that information the hard way :-).
I didn’t want to go through the security checks again, so I’ve looked up a spot where I could plug in my unfaithful, batteryless laptop.
Go figure, Vienna airport has the power sockets in such locations that people have to step over your power cable. If I were in a Romanian train station, that cable would have been broken to pieces in 5 minutes by the passengers, but luckily I was in an airport in Austria, so people kept jumping over that cable without any wise cracks. I was able to do some easy work that morning until we’ve finally embarked for Iasi.
The flight was an usual one, only this time it was my head that was hurting a lot and not my ears.
In Iasi I’ve quickly passed through papers control, jumped into the first taxi and got home, where my dog was impatiently waiting for me. I heard it barking the moment I’ve got off the taxi 😀
So, finally at home, tired and with a terrible headache. I’ve announced my boss I’m not able to come at work and then took a really good shower and took a really good nap.
And that’s it. I’d like to be able to put all that information in a good and amusing traveling book, where each aspect of the travel would be separately described: travel, hotels, food, people in general, infrastructure, prices, shopping, women, business … Maybe some day.