I finally managed to replace my old Philips 768 mobile. It was a good phone, however it got to the point where the screen was unreadable due to the dust entering between the actual LCD panel and the protective screen and one could not type anything on it, as the Backspace key was broken. I’ll probably think the same way about my car, when I’ll finally replace it. Not too soon, I’m afraid, as cars are freaking expensive in Europe, in general, and even more in Romania, where the VAT rate is 24% and the buyer may have to pay some additional fees as well.
I have two mobile numbers, one “business”, paid by the company, and one “family”, that I pay and I’m glad I do: it’s provided by DigiMobil and it offers a huge value for its price (I have three free ZTE mobiles, with free unlimited calls in the DigiMobil and Romtelecom networks, low cost mobile Internet access, video calls and many free-for-subscriber wireless hotspots).
For a good few years I had to carry with me the tiny Philips and the small ZTE in the same jeans pocket, and it was hard. Now, while shopping for the new phone, I decided I wanted a dual SIM with 3G capabilities. I settled for a Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos and I do not regret my choice.
It took me a few good days to understand how to use it, but now I have a good tool in my hands.
Let’s see the configuration and the use cases:

  • SIM 1: DigiMobil, for family use, voice and Internet access
  • SIM 2: Orange, for business use, voice and secondary Internet network

The only caveat here is you have to select the active SIM before making a call; if you call a person using a shortcut, the call is serviced by the active SIM and you do not have the possibility to choose the mobile network provider.
Also, even in the dialing screen there’s a chance that you won’t have the possibility to select which mobile network provider to use, as the interface gets in your way.
Also, when configuring the phone for mobile Internet access, you may have to disable one SIM altogether, otherwise the phone won’t let you work with the configuration settings for the other SIM (it simply disables the UI). Once the settings are in place and the phone can access the Internet using one SIM, you can activate the other one.
I like the fact I can connect to wireless networks, as I can browse the Internet at high speed and no additional costs while sitting in bed (I connect to my wireless router). I usually do this in the evening, when the TV program is boring; there are so many funny movies on YouTube 🙂
Yesterday I understood the power of A-GPS: I was inside a big store and the phone was able to properly pinpoint my location (my GPS device has never been able to work indoors, for example).
Another caveat here, though: keep wireless and GPS usage to a minimum; activate them only when you’ll use them, otherwise your battery will quickly drain.
I’ve tried to play some games on the phone, however the screen is too small for that. I’ve tried MyCountry, Where’s My Water, Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, and they all assume they’ll be played on a larger screen. However, that doesn’t bother me. I have other ways to spend some free time. What bothers me is the fact that I cannot do anything normal from a web page. I can view data, that’s true, but I can’t edit it. When I’ve discussed this with my manager, he laughed and he said he was not able to do anything using his iPhone, either, and, if we want to manage our data while on the road, we’ll probably have to buy tablets. That would be good, but let me make some money first 🙂
I can use Skype, and that’s a strong point. One has to run some tests, though, because the call quality may greatly suffer (it happened to me last week, when I’ve called a customer in US: the call was so bad that I had to use text to ask him to wait for me and then I’ve rushed home, to use Skype from my PC).
I like the fact the phone is small and light: it matches my palm and it readily fits into my pocket. The plastic case is of good quality and the screen seems all right as well.
I really like the voice recognition feature (I do not know if it’s available on all Androids or Samsung improved it): it is able to recognize both Romanian and English, and it is very accurate.

One of my customers is calling me a lot today, I have to stop writing this post and move to other tasks …