That’s a joke I heard today. No one can say if this really happened.

There was once a good math teacher with one weakness: he liked to eat a lot. He went into a restaurant and ordered two steaks with fries. When the time to pay came, the waitress asked for $29.95.

The teacher said that’s not the right total price. The waitress tried again and the result was $29.91.

The teacher said again that’s not the right total price. The waitress’s boss came and asked the teacher what would the right price be.

And the teacher said that he doesn’t know, all he knows is the price for two steaks with fries must be an even number 😀


And another one: a monk and his disciple talk on the top of a mountain. The monk says to the disciple that he should always remember the following: y equals a multiplied by x squared added with b multiplied by x added with c.

The disciple says he’ll do, but later on he realizes he cannot, so he comes back to the monk, asking what does that mean. And the monk says that that’s a parable 🙂