One customer has asked for support: our powerful Office Timeline add-in was not showing anymore in the PowerPoint ribbon. We were extremely lucky: the lady was highly educated, so it was extremely easy to establish a dialogue, and she was well experienced with IT issues, so she send us directly an invitation to remote to her desktop to solve the problem.
I’ve run the standard troubleshooting procedure (for us, it means making sure the last VSTO runtime is installed and the add-in has been installed by an user with administrative privileges), but the add-in was still not loading.
While contemplating the nice PowerPoint dialog that says “Manage COM add-ins”, I’ve noticed the “Disabled items” entry and quickly checked it; yes, our mighty add-in has been disabled by PowerPoint.
I’ve enabled it and the add-in loaded nicely.
The lady was grateful for our support, she even tried to apologize for using the Free edition and not the payed one. And was I grateful as ever for finding out this “Disabled items” entry which we all missed before. I doubt I would have found it without remoting to the system.
So, as I’ve said in the title, an educated customer is a bliss, but when she also allows us remote access to the sytem to troubleshoot, it’s heaven.