My Daewoo Cielo hinted me really hard that it’s time to put it to rest. Farewell, my friend, you’ve been a really good part of my life.

Now, it’s time to move on. So I’ve found a Honda Accord CL7, built in 2006 (I can’t afford a brand new car yet). It’s a marvelous piece of engineering, with automatic transmission, leather seats, adjustable steering wheel, sunroof and so on. I’m still reading the manual and there are a lot of controls. But I’m happy I’ve quickly found how to adjust the steering wheel: the old owner (like so many other car drivers) had the seat adjusted in a “lean back as much as possible” position. After I’ve got the car, I’ve adjusted the seat, but I didn’t know yet how to adjust the steering wheel height. And it was covering the speedometer, so I’ve found myself driving at 80 kph in 60 kph areas and constantly reminding to look down to check the speed. 

I confess that I enjoyed the experience, but as soon as I’ve got home I’ve read the user manual and in the morning I’ve adjusted the steering wheel. Now I can see the speedometer. And I can hardly wait for mid-June, when I’ll be able to take a vacation and use the car at 110 kph, to feel the Honda engine power.

There are some bad news with the car, but I guess that’s ok: it needs around 11 liters/100 km when driving in the city, it has a powerful engine so the insurance is high and I’ll only be able to finish the paperwork for it somewhere mid-June (the Romanian laws require each used car to pay a visit to the Romanian Auto Registry – RAR to validate the chassis and the engine match the data in the papers; one has to schedule to a RAR office and the one in my town seems to be as busy as a bee hive, I’ll be able to get the validation only on June 11’th).