We’ve moved our sources to VSO. So far, so good, however we’re still not able to run a Teamcity build (still getting TF300036).

So I’ve decided to create a VM with a TF Build server and agent. Installation went smoothly, Hyper-V, Windows 2012 Server Setup and TF Setup are quite stable and helpful.

But … our teamcity build executes a custom PowerShell script, because our build is quite complex: we have to build a set of binaries, obfuscate them, digitally sign them, create a setup, run a tool that edits the msi file (vdproj-based setups are really limited and we’re still allocating all resources to other areas than implementing a nice Wix-based setup), create a SFX, edit the SFX to set an icon and so on.

There’s a nice article on MSDN on customizing a build template at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd647551.aspx.

I’ve started to run through the steps and I’ve got to the point where I deeply miss the PowerShell script. For every action I have to scan the toolbox pane and it’s really counter productive! For a developer, a normal tool is one that allows him to use drag and drop or directly write some code and obtain exactly the same result! Our toolsets are not there yet.