Finally, we’re approaching the RTW for our new web site. It’s been a long fight between Eddy’s desire to achieve perfection and our experience telling us “release when it’s good enough, improve only what has to be improved”.

And the unpleasant surprise for me: as I’m practically responsible for the team (sort of a jack of all trades, joggling project management, product management, requirements, lead developer and plain developer) I was the first to check the site on different browsers. Go figure: of course it doesn’t look the same on Safari, although it looks exactly the same in Chrome and Firefox!

So here’s yet another pain point for web development: on desktops, with WPF, you no longer have to worry about resolution, for example: if your design is smart, the UI automatically adapts to different resolutions. Only smoke tests are needed in the beginning to validate the design assumptions (we’ve always tested on the lowest common denominator, which is 1366×768, the smallest screen resolution available on laptops).

On the web, even all our web developers are so enthusiastic about their JS libraries and HTML skills and CSS capabilities, one still has to continuously check on all browsers. No JS library can guarantee exactly the same layout on all major browsers.