I’ve got new winter tyres for my Honda. Since I’ve been bitten a few times by a few car services (read “they managed to scratch my alloy wheels”) this time I also bought a new set of wheels and installed the new tires on them. It’s actually a standard plan, if you come to think of it, I guess most drivers already do this.
What went nicely:
– an alloy wheels set costs only 80 Euros more than a steel wheels set, so I bought alloy wheels (and they look great)
– I’ve got a recommendation from the car service owner to also buy an wheels anti-theft system, which I did; again, it only costs 40 Euros and it’s worth the peace of mind
– I’ve got a recommendation from the car service owner to buy Continental TS 850 instead of Michelin Alpin 5; they behave better in city driving conditions (if you drive often on mountain roads, then go for Michelin, but in the city it is expected that you’ll drive most often on dry road, not on snow, where Alpin 5 excels)
– the four set of Continental tyres came with a nice mobile phone holder; I didn’t even think I needed one, since I was using a Bluetooth headset and I also intend to service my Honda to be able to pair it with my mobile; but now I realize that I’ll need a new GPS and I do not want one, I want to use my mobile as GPS. The new car holder should come in handy
– yesterday I didn’t feel anything special, but this morning I realized the car is driving more smoothly
– the mechanic noticed my rear brake pads are worned (so I’ll replace them today; as a rant, I’ve asked two months ago another car service to replace the brakes fluid and inspect the brake pads and they said they’re ok; could the rear brake pads worn so much in only two months? I doubt that, and now I know how to handle the guys at that specific car service next time – I’ll watch them like a hawk šŸ˜€ If you ask me why I still intend to work with them … they used to be one of the best car service in town, I hope this was only one mistake, and not a general drop in the quality of their service)
– they also offer hosting for an entire tyres set for less than 4 Euros/month
– the car service owner hinted me to pay attention when I wash my car – some guys there use to steal the wheels anti-theft key from the trunk
– I found out that the oil change doesn’t cost anything, as long as you buy the parts from them (the filter and the oil); I’ll give them a try. Too bad they can’t change the oil in the transmission as well, I’ll go at another service for this.

What went less nicely:
– initially I’ve ordered 15″ wheels and tyres, but some parts of the front braking system do not support them (although the technical manual says they do, probably the previous owner has modified something); so I had to buy 16″ wheels and tyres and they cost almost 250 Euros more (I felt the pain in my wallet, general income in Romania is low and the taxation level is insane)
– I had to watch the mechanic like a hawk, and it was a good thing I did; he forgot to install the anti-theft system
– I had to watch the lady at the desk with the papers and the final cost, she was about to charge me a few Euros more

I’ll add more here after replacing the brake pads.
But I’m happy: now I have a good (and good looking) car and I can properly maintain it (maintaining the old one costed much less, but I really have no intention to drive it anymore; I’ve got accustomed with the Honda leather seats and I can’t use textile car seats anymore).