Our US customers are celebrating Thanksgiving (and the Black Friday, as well 😀

One of them got really happy last night and sent us a really affectionate e-mail. I enjoyed reading it, what I didn’t like so much was the association of celebration and happiness with the image of a turkey considering his premature end of life.

Yesterday I was looking at some fish in an aquarium at the hypermarket and got really mad at the human kind: we really have to stop killing to eat!

We kill pigs on Christmas, we kill lamb on Easter, we kill fish, poultry and cows on a daily basis!

Somewhere in the Far East they kill dogs to eat them!

In Spain, they kill tomcats to eat them!

So many people consider killing deer a rite of passage!

And this happens because the human kind has been doing this for such a long time that now so many of us are genetically and mentally programmed to eat meat! Changing this requires a large effort from each individual. Let’s hope many other people will start feeling this way and we’ll stop killing to eat.