We’ve managed to release Office Timeline a few days before Christmas. Feel free to download it from https://www.officetimeline.com. It was an exhausting journey, but well worth it: we’ve managed to immediately land a few large sales and December 2014 was the best month ever for the business.

We’ve had a quiet period on 22 and 23 and I’ve used the time to update a tiny ASP.NET MVC application we use to remotely start our systems in the company. Oh, my, my web development skills were so weak, I had to go through the initial tutorials again to make the code work.

And my Christmas holiday started with a feeling of greatness, as in “I’ve managed to learn something new recently!”.

The joy was short: we’re preparing for a new, web-based project and our expert web developer is teaching us ASP.NET WebAPI 2. It’s a better MVC, but that means I have to start learning again (the programming model is quite different, more powerfull and one has to use JS/JQuery and so on).

So nothing new, it’s business as usual: once you’ve learned something, you can throw it away and start learning something new.