(Real story)

One of my coworkers sends this e-mail to all teams:

“I’m sorry to tell you that I’ve broken the blue bowl that somebody has left in the common closet. I’ve hooked it while taking my coat. Let me know who it belonged to and where it has been bought from and I’ll buy a new one ASAP”.

(Never mind the question what the hell was a blue bowl doing in the common closet, which is supposed to store only clothes).

Another co-worker, that likes to make jokes (and this time he got it right 🙂 answered:

“I really doubt you can buy a new one, my mother bought it when I was little, I’ve used it from kindergarden to university, before exams I used to eat from it and now I’ve brought it at work to protect me. Have you thrown away the shards? Maybe I can do something with them … Deeply saddened, …”.

The funniest part now is the fact I cannot tell whether the second co-worker is telling the truth (and the bowl belonged to him) or he’s just being funny.