I still wonder whether EU has screwed up on this or not.

There’s an interesting article about this:


The ‘root of all evil’ source of information:


What could go nice for us: our US customers will have to register a VAT payers in EU. Since VAT is payed at the buyer’s location rate, they might as well register in Romania, and not in Luxembourg.

What could go wrong: the Romanian IRS may abuse these companies, thinking a well-known tax-evasion scheme has been created (company A is registered in Germany, B is registered in Romania, C is registered in Romania, B is a child-company of A, C provides services for A, then the Romanian IRS will consider that C is evading taxation – do not ask me why, if you’re interested, find a good accountant in Romania, there are plenty of them, and they are true heroes fighting the stupid and abusing legislation put in place by our stupid, abusing, moral-less politicians).