Our customer had started a long time ago a little blog, using WordPress in Azure. It worked fine until the SEO expert recommended the integration of the blog in the main web site.

Azure was really helpful with the move and the blog has run fine since September last year, but we’ve just realized the embarrassing mistake I’ve made.

The customer started to complain about missing images in the blog; he would edit a post, make it look pretty and then, after a few days, the images would be lost.

We’ve tracked the issue to one root cause: WordPress stores uploaded images on disk, and not in a database (like I would have expected).

And the scenarios:

A. Customer publishes images on the blog, the images are stored on “disk”, an update is published to the web site and it deletes all images from disk.

B. Customer publishes images on the blog and they are stored on the “disk” of the load-balanced web instance of the site; the other load-balanced web instances do not have the image, so images still appear to be missing …

The conclusion is clear: if you’re a one-man show with just a few customers, you can use WordPress. If you want to grow, stay away from it.