We’re advancing with our brand new product (it’s secret, but it’s ok to say that a huge part of it is web-based).
We had to analyze and review many, many web technologies and it’s clear to us that they have NOT been designed by developers. They’ve been designed by hobbists and (possible, although I doubt it) graphical designers.
Only two examples:
– Ember versus Angular (the Ember people realize it’s better to propose the implementation guidelines and force them; also the syntax of the code using Ember has a normal topic, unlike Angular’s)
– SaSS versus Less (Sass uses an imperative-like language when special constructions are needed, while Less it’s just some sugar on top of CSS)
– anything versus PHP
– TypeScript versus JS
The way things evolve, it’s very likely that many, many C# developers will have to embrace the web technologies. It takes only a few good developers, pissed off at the status of the current web technologies, to clear the mess that’s HTML/CSS/JS.