I couldn’t think it can hurt so much …
(Warning: gross content ahead, I had to write it to take my mind off the pain).
A boil has developed in my left buttock, very close to the anus. This morning it was so painful I couldn’t sit in a chair.
The state-run medical system in Romania is so f..ed up that I’d preferred to try first to see a doctor at some private practices; not a chance, they’re all overloaded.
So I called my GP, who’s a very nice guy, but he can’t fight the system; so every time I try to do something normal, like schedule an appointment, he says “come around xxx hour, hopefully I’ll be able to serve the people that gather here from yyy hour …”; no guarantee that he’ll see me exactly at that hour.
The good thing is the GP managed to prescribe some medicines that helped me for a while, including an antibiotic and pain-killers.
Go figure: I’ve taken two pain-killers today( one at 9 AM, one around 12:30 PM), now it’s around 4:00 PM and the pain is back and it’s slowly growing to the same level it had this morning. Soon I shan’t be able to sit in the chair again …
And I still must visit the GP, because the pharmacist is allowed to sell me one or two antibiotics pills, but not more. And I shan’t be able to fight this beast in my butt without antibiotics; I’ll try again in a few minutes, wish me luck.

The funny part of the story (and I’m repeating it to all people around, and they all laugh a lot in the end): I had to tell my boss I need to leave because there’s a pain in my butt 😀