Problem: after trying all kind of options, we’ve finally had to accept the fact that reimplementing a C# code sequence in JavaScript is the best solution (we have some nice C# code running on a web server and we’ve tried to simply call it from JavaScript running in browser, but the round-trip kills the user experience, so we implemented the same code sequence in JavaScript).

Easy task, I thought, when I’ve assigned a developer to write the code. Boy, was I wrong …

The developer did her best to implement the code, but in the end some hard-to-trace bugs surfaced and we’ve also had to reassign her to another area. To fix the problem once and for all, I’ve asked our customers to do the work myself (and have somebody else fill my PM shoes for a while). Of course they’ve accepted (they’re close to becoming my best customers ever 🙂

So here I am, struggling with JavaScript.

  • a misspelled function name is detected only when running the tests, although there’s a build step that transpiles ES6 code into plain-old JS
  • A missing function, the same
  • C# overloaded methods must get different names
  • one cannot overload the indexing operator unless they’re targeting only Chrome and using some arcane ES6 feature (this last one got me started enough to write this rant 🙂

End of rant 🙂