Today I had a really good day:

  • the guys at the auto service found the root cause of the weird noise my Honda was making when the AC was starting (they’ve initially changed some parts, and the car started to feel much smoother on the road, but the noise remained); they’ll fix it as soon as the parts arrive (this should be next Thursday); so soon I’ll be able to really enjoy my Honda Accord!
  • I’ve managed to order some nice accessories for my Honda and they’ll arrive Friday the latest; my girlfriend will be really pleased
  • The current iteration of OTL really moves forward – we only have left some documentation items left; we’ve started testing the build and it looks pretty stable, so it’s very likely we’ll release this Friday; most important, it seems the team finally understood my vision and they nicely work without supervision
  • Boggie has inspected my message bus implementation and he only noticed a small issue I was already aware of; he also liked a lot the TypeSwitch constructs I’ve used
  • My health estate has improved – this morning I’ve noticed some really, really good signs
  • and more 🙂