Yesterday it was a big day for my pets: yearly inoculation day! While Bella deeply enjoys car rides (it’s a dog, after all :-), Magellan deeply hates being transported by car, especially since it has to do so in a pet box. The first time we tried to travel with it defecated in the box and I had to stop for a clean. Us being its masters, Magellan does not hate us, but it has its ways of protesting.

As my vet told me often, cats have an extra sense – when it’s time to pick them up for the vet visit, they know it well in advance, so they prepare well in advance their escape. Magellan has planned something, but not well this time – it went under the couch. In a moment of inspiration I told Bella to help me, and then I’ve tried a few things to get Maggie out; not a chance, until I’ve got exasperated and I’ve directly lifted the heavy couch. Maggie jumped out, rushing for the alpha site, when Bella put it’s front paw on it, with its entire weight of 8.8 kgs behind it … and Maggie stopped, really stumped.

Easy-peasy then, just picked up the cat, placed inside the pet box and off we went. Bella went ecstatic the entire day. I am certain part of it came from the fact it got its revenge for all the moments the cat has ambushed it.