One of our customers have reported a bug: he had a large set of tasks, all of them showing the end date 3/17, although in the datasheet they clearly had different end dates.

Sorin, the support person, has asked me for help; when seeing the description, my initial thought was “what have we sent to production ????”

It was late in the evening, so I’ve told Sorin to e-mail the file and I’ve went home.

When I’ve finally had the time to take a good look at it in the morning, I’ve realized that it was not a bug, but a feature: the user has selected a date format {Month}/{Year} for the tasks and our application dutifully complied. So 3/17 was actually March 2017 and not the 17’th of March, as our customer thought.

I’ve told Sorin about this and now I’m waiting for the customer reaction. But I’m more and more convinced we should re-engineer our product and instead of giving the users all kind of delighters, we should deliver one small feature, get feedback, improve it, add another small feature and so on. This way we no longer run into the risk of delivering features that even us, the developers, cannot figure out what are they for.